Meeting Minutes

The regular monthly meeting of the Dorrance Twp. Board of Supervisors was held on Monday, December 14, 2020. Present were Mr. Zane, Mr. Wengrzynek, Mr. Gallagher and Atty. Karpowich.

Mr. Zane opened the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and announced the meeting was being recorded.

Mr. Zane asked if there were any public comments on agenda items only to be voted upon by the Supervisors at this meeting. There were none.

Mr. Gallagher made a motion, seconded by Mr. Wengrzynek to accept the minutes of last month’s regular meeting. All voted aye. Mr. Zane made a motion to accept the cash report, seconded by Mr. Wengrzynek. All voted aye. Mr. Wengrzynek made a motion to pay all bills as presented, seconded by Mr. Gallagher. All voted aye.

The zoning report was read. There was no Planning Commission meeting.

Atty. Karpowich reported the Zoning Hearing Board decision for the KVAL store was appealed. Atty. Karpowich asked if he should intervene in the appeal. Mr. Wengrynzek made a motion, seconded by Mr. Zane to have the Zoning Hearing Board Solicitor handle the appeal. All voted aye.

Atty. Karpowich also announced that the Blue Ridge PRD lawsuit received a decision in favor of the appellant and against the Township. This case is being handled by the Township Insurance Co. Mr. Wengrzynek made a motion, seconded by Mr. Gallagher to request the Insurance Co. to file a request for reconsideration en banc (full panel of the Commonwealth Court) and if denied file a petition for allowance of appeal to the PA Supreme court. All voted aye.

The Fire company report was read. There was no ambulance or EMA report. The Roadmaster report was placed on file.

The following announcements were read: The annual Reorganization meeting will be held on Monday, January 4, 2020 at 7 pm followed by the regular monthly meeting. The Auditors will reorganize on Tuesday, January 5, at 6:30 pm.

The annual spring clean up was held Saturday, September 12 due to Covid. Township income was $1439.00. Fire Dept. donations were $360.00. Cost of the dumpsters and disposal $1854.89. Scrap metal income was $505.00 minus $305.00 for the dumpsters and freight charge for a net income of $200.00. Total cost to the Township for the clean up $215.89.

CORRESPONDENCE: A letter was received from William Brior thanking us for allowing him to serve as Primary Sewage Enforcement Officer for 2020 and asking to be considered to serve again in 2021. Ask that you also consider reappointing Robert Fugate as Alternate. It is always a pleasure to work in Dorrance Township. My rates will remain the same for 2021.


NEW BUSINESS: Mr. Wengrzynek made a motion, seconded by Mr. Gallagher to adopt Resolution #6 of 2020 the 2021 budget. Total Revenue $605,926. Total Expenditures $605,926. There is no tax increase. Millage will remain at 0.75 mills. All voted aye.