UPDATE / NOTICE:  Ono Bridge project is complete, the bridge to reopen today, October 21st.

November 2016 Tire Collection North Annville Township

Re-Opening of Route 934

PennDOT announced that they will remove all barriers and traffic lights over the railroad bridge late Thursday night, Oct. 13. Therefore, both lanes (north and south) will be open Friday, Oct. 14, as will both sides of Sheridan Avenue.

PennDOT also announced that they will begin work next week on the concrete walk and other berm details from Sheridan Avenue north to Fasick Bridge. There will be periodic lane restrictions with flaggers controlling traffic as PennDOT does this work.

Once that is completed, PennDOT will begin work from Sheridan Avenue south to Lebanon Street that will again result in periodic lane restrictions with flaggers controlling traffic. This work will include installation of traffic calming measures and concrete work.

The re-paving of Route 934 from Route 422 North to Fasick Bridge is currently scheduled for spring 2017.

As with all road construction projects, schedules may adjust due to weather conditions. Directions and maps remain available for your reference.