The Pennsylvania Association of Zoning Officials is a state-wide non-profit organization for Zoning and Planning Officials dedicated to providing support, education, and training, as well as professional certification of  Pennsylvania’s zoning professionals.

The position of Zoning Officer in Pennsylvania is created in each municipal jurisdiction by authority of Section 614 of the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code.  This states that a Zoning Officer must have a working knowledge of municipal zoning.  The Pennsylvania Association of Zoning Officials, through its educational training partners, provides the CZO certification, also know as the “Certified Zoning Officer” certification, for the commonwealth’s zoning professionals. This is a comprehensive certification test that establishes a minimum baseline of knowledge and professional competency in municipal zoning as required by the Municipalities Planning Code. See the link to the CZO certification page for information on this credential designed specifically for Pennsylvania Zoning Officials.

Faced with the very difficult job of interpreting and administering the zoning regulations in their communities, Zoning Officers can seek assistance, share opinions on interpretations, and access professional education and credential through the state-wide PAAZO organization.

PAAZO educational programs have been approved by the PA Department of Labor and Industry as continuing education for UCC (Uniform Construction Code) Certification Maintenance.