Due to COVID-19, Stay-at-Home and non-essential business closures there have been changes made to due dates for 2020 Real Estate taxes (spring tax bill). Your discount date remains unchanged for both Crawford County and Summit Township. Changes were made to the face due date.

Crawford County opted to change the county portion of the 2020 Real Estate tax face due date to August 31, 2020, after that date the penalty will be assessed.

**Summit Township did not make the same change.**

Summit Township felt it was in the best interest of residents to change the face due date to November 30, 2020 giving residents more time to pay without penalty. There will be no penalty applied to the township portion of your 2020 real estate taxes if paid in full by November 30, 2020, if paid after that date the penalty will be assessed.

No new bill reflecting this change will be mailed.

County and Township portions must be paid in full at the same time.

Call the Summit Township office or the Summit Township Tax Collector with any questions.